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16 stainless steel tanks for Dürr Systems, which will eventually go to the famous German car manufacturer

Gpi has made stainless steel tanks for chemical substances for the mechanical and installation engineering company – Dürr Systems. The order included 16 tanks with various parameters and various purposes. The end customer for this part of the project is a famous German car manufacturer.

Thank you Gpi for a fruitful first business collaboration. I look forward to future projects with this company.

Norman Kugler
Dürr Systems
zbiorniki na chemie

Specification of chemical tanks for Dürr

The order included 16 tanks for various chemicals, which are presented in the table below along with the specifications:

Each tank is made of 304/304L steel.

The cooperation was professional and productive. Gpi has always provided us with the necessary information. I was positively surprised by the professional service of Gpi.

Norman Kugler
Dürr Systems

"The cooperation with this client was exemplary, our meetings were based on shared knowledge and experience, which resulted in the already produced tanks. They meet the original assumptions, but also take into account the changes proposed by Gpi, which improved the first sketches and allowed to achieve a very good product in the end."

Mechanical engineering experts

Dürr Systems AG is an integral part of the Dürr Group, a leading global mechanical and industrial engineering company known for outstanding achievements in the field of automation and digitization.

The Dürr Group is active in the market under three main brands: Dürr, Schenck and HOMAG. The established Dürr brand has been synonymous with continuous innovation since 1896, presenting a wide range of products including robotics, procedural systems and assembly technology adapted to all sectors of vehicle production, with particular emphasis on paint application and final assembly lines.

In addition, Dürr extends its knowledge of painting technology to various industrial fields. In the field of environmental technologies, Dürr provides effective solutions for air purification, increasing the efficiency of production processes and sound insulation technologies in various industries.

zbiorniki na chemie

Stainless steel tanks for chemicals

Stainless steel tanks are key components in the chemical industry, specifically designed for the storage, mixing and processing of a wide range of chemicals. Thanks to their unique properties, stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant alloys, these tanks are the ideal solution for chemical environments where safety, durability and hygiene play a key role. Gpi is able to provide the highest quality tanks for all chemical and hazardous substances.