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2 x 200m³ stainless steel milk tanks for Elsdorfer

Tanks for dairy products or for the food industry in general are manufactured with a hygienic finish. It is very important that the product is stored under appropriate conditions so that it does not come into contact with contamination and microorganisms.

Drawing project Elsdorfer

Stainless steel milk tanks

Raw milk tanks are vertical insulated storage tanks with a capacity of up to 500m3. Some customers decide to mount the agitators and the inclined day.

Elsdorfer Molkerei und Feinkost is a producer from the dairy industry who appreciates high quality of workmanship, speed of implementation and extensive experience, which he also has.

Technical specifications

In the case of the order for Elsdorfer, the 200m3 unpressurised milk storage tanks were designed according to the best knowledge and experience of Gpi Poland engineers.  The outer stainless steel tanks were insulated with PIR and PUR foam (50 mm) and the top of the tank was reinforced and fitted with an additional element such as a balustrade.

For the production of the tanks, which took place in Skarbimierz, stainless steel 304 and 304L was used.

The tanks’ 777-kilometre journey went smoothly, despite their considerable size. Each structure was over 20 metres high, 4 metres wide and weighed 17 tonnes.

Producer of dairy products

Elsdorfer was founded in 1909 as a small farm selling dairy products. Subsequently, the private company was transformed into a cooperative.

As it stands today, Elsdorfer is a thriving company with a commitment to sustainability and an innovative approach to production.

The German company is also recognized in other markets under its own or partners’ brands.