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27 stainless steel storage tanks for the storage of edible oils and fats

Gpi Tanks engineered and manufactured twenty-seven stainless steel storage tanks for a well-renowned company which stores and mixes edible oils and fats and provides filling services.

81 storage tanks

Of the more than one hundred tanks currently in customer’s possession, Gpi produced eighty-one (twenty in 2013, thirty-four in 2018 and twenty-seven in 2021 ). These storage tanks have volumes of 150 m3 and 300 m3. The tanks have a practical design and incorporate clever technical
features, such as internal heating coils to keep oils and fats at the right temperature.

Build and install

Gpi built the tanks at its own location. The twenty-seven storage tanks were shipped by water. Gpi also placed the tanks, including all the hoisting work. In addition, Gpi delivered and placed the walking platforms, ladders and the platform for the weighing bridge. They did all that as part of the engineering. The entire storage tank area had been visualised with 3D designs, so everything fitted like a glove.