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50 m3 stainless steel buffer tank for Hessing Supervers

Hessing Supervers is constructing the most modern fresh food factory in Europe at Greenport Venlo. The company will soon be inspecting, washing, cutting, mixing and packaging thousands of kilos of vegetables every day at its 100,000 m2 site. Hessing contacted Colubris Cleantech to manufacture its vegetable cleaning system. And a 50 m3 buffer tank was needed for this system.

Colubris approached Gpi to purchase the required stainless steel tank. Daniël Ubbink, project manager at Colubris, about their decision to select Gpi: ‘We found Gpi online. We opted for Gpi during the procurement phase because of the good price/quality ratio.’ The order was placed at the end of 2021, production started in February 2022 and the completed tank was delivered to the customer in June. Daniël Ubbink: ‘It was initially challenging to find a suitable delivery date, but things worked out fine. Everything else went well, and the project flowed smoothly from start to finish.’

The assignment

The assignment involved a stainless steel tank with a capacity of 50 m3. The tank serves as a water storage buffer for the new vegetable cleaning system. The tank is 8.5 metres high, has a diameter of 3.6 metres and is made from stainless steel 304(L).

The assignment involved a stainless steel tank with a capacity of 50 m3.

Transport and installation

The tank was produced in Lopik, and then transported by road to the customer’s site in Sevenum. The tank was delivered horizontally outside, and was later placed and installed inside the building by Colubris and Hessing. Daniël Ubbink: ‘Installation was still challenging because the tank is 8.5 metres high and had to be installed under a roof measuring 9 metres.’

Increasing demand

Hessing Supervers has been processing fresh fruit and vegetables for over 50 years. The company processes thousands of kilos of fruit and vegetables every day, which leave the factory a few hours later on their way to supermarkets, fast food chains, wholesalers and (in-flight) caterers. The company hopes that the new factory at Greenport Venlo will allow it to meet the increasing demand for cut vegetables.

About Colubris

Colubris Cleantech was founded in 1984 and now has almost 40 years’ experience in separation and purification technologies. The company supplies sustainable solutions for water, waste recycling and biological sources. Colubris offers tailor-made solutions that help to resolve complex problems and waste flows.