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6 stainless steel yogurt tanks for the German Schwarzwaldmilch dairy

Gpi has undertaken a very fruitful cooperation with a regional company from southwestern Germany, one of the leading dairies in the entire country – Schwarzwaldmilch. When dairy tradition is combined with an experienced manufacturer of stainless steel tanks and a professional approach on both sides – the result is destined for success.

The cooperation with Gpi was very collaborative, professional, customer-oriented and efficient. Inquiries and change requests were always processed quickly and very satisfactorily.

Stefan Voigt
Manager of central project planning in Schwarzwaldmilch

Technical data of process tanks

Gpi engineers designed 5 stainless steel process tanks for yogurt. Each of them is 3.5 m high, 2.2 m in diameter and has a volume of 6 m3. Milk product tanks weighing 1.4 t each, have a design pressure of -0.06/+0.50 bar and a temperature of 0/120°C. 50mm thick PIR boards were used as tank insulation. Each tank is made of 304/304L stainless steel.

About collaboration

Tomasz Stocki, Project Manager in Gpi Tanks GmbH is saying about collaboration with Schwarzwaldmilch:

Our communication was exemplary from the very beginning, which allowed us to make good decisions and effectively solve the technical aspects of the project. From the first meeting, we had the impression that there was a certain “chemistry” between us, which influenced our joint determination to achieve the goal.

Gpi always kept the client informed about production progress, which allowed us to build trust throughout the project.

By always being open to suggestions and changes, we met all guidelines and additional issues were resolved immediately. This resulted in another order and, we hope, long-term cooperation.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and level of detail of the engineering. The tank drawings were very clear and helped to complete the technical clarification quickly.

In particular, the cooperation with Ms. Opalska, Mr. Stocki and Mr. Lunkenbein was very productive.

Stefan Voigt
Manager of central project planning in Schwarzwaldmilch

Kamila, Project Engineer w Gpi Poland, also spoke positively about the client and the entire project:

The cooperation went perfectly. . It was a very enjoyable and hassle-free project to complete. There was constant contact with the client. If the client wanted any technical changes, they were quickly introduced and implemented. I would be happy to continue cooperation with this company.

zbiorniki na nabiał

Tanks for the dairy industry

Stainless steel is a popular tank material in the dairy industry due to its strength and corrosion resistance. Moreover, the ease of keeping clean and hygienic makes it an ideal material for contact with food. Thanks to their durability, they are able to keep products in appropriate conditions for a long time.

These tanks are often equipped with temperature control systems, which allows milk and other products to be stored in appropriate conditions to maintain their freshness.

Stainless steel tanks are available in various capacities. This makes it possible to adapt them to the various needs of dairy producers, from small processing plants to large industrial dairies.

About the Schwarzwaldmilch dairy

Schwarzwaldmilch is a German dairy company located in the Schwarzwald region, which is located in southwestern Germany. This company is known for producing high-quality dairy products and other food products.

Schwarzwaldmilch was founded in 1932 as a dairy cooperative. Since then, the company has developed and become one of the leading producers of dairy products in the Schwarzwald. The company offers a wide range of dairy products, such as milk, yogurts, cheese, cream and milk drinks. Known for producing high-quality products with guarantee of origin.