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60 mobile pressure tanks for the production of particulate filters

NGK Ceramics Polska produces DPFs – diesel particulate filters. As part of the production line for these filters, in 2016 Gpi received an order for 12 mobile pressure tanks for cement. Each with a capacity of 60 liters. More orders have followed.

In 2016, NGK started to build a new production line that required specialist equipment, including high-pressure tanks that had to comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive. From the many tendering suppliers, Gpi was chosen as a reliable partner who could deliver the high quality required for this production line. The tanks concerned were complex, not only because they needed to be suitable for use under high pressure, but also because of the many connection points for the compressor, safety valve and other applications. Important criteria were the precision of the welded joints and the surface finish. And safety, of course.

“Gpi’s tanks are now used throughout our plant, and overall we are very satisfied“

About the collaboration

Several orders have followed since the first application in 2016. In total, Gpi has designed and produced 60 mobile cement / slurry pressure tanks for two NGK Ceramics Polska sites.

Sebastian Patynek, mechanical engineer in NGK’s project investment department: “The cooperation with Gpi was good during the entire project, starting with the preparation of the offer. They were also very flexible, for instance when project details changed. We were regularly kept up to date about the status of completion and they adhered to agreed delivery dates. Their tanks are now used throughout our plant, and overall we are very satisfied.”

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The company

NGK Ceramics Polska is part of a global Japan-based company – NGK Insulators Ltd. From the beginning, NGK manufactured diesel particulate filters (DPF) and filters for diesel engines. Later, the company also started with the mass production of Nox sensors. In Poland, the company has four factories, with about 4,000 employees in total.

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