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A substantial share of the stainless steel tanks at FrieslandCampina now come from Gpi

Looking for reliable partners

FrieslandCampina needed tanks that meet stringent quality requirements. That’s what brought them to Gpi. A substantial share of the storage tanks at FrieslandCampina now come from Gpi. These mainly consist of storage and preparation tanks for the Ingredients and Dairy Essentials Business Groups. Gpi also supplies agitators, platforms and cage ladders. Over the years, the tanks have got steadily bigger and the hygiene standards have become increasingly stringent.

Build, transport, install

Gpi builds the stainless steel storage tanks at its own location. Transportation to FrieslandCampina is always a challenge. Sometimes we use the road, but due to the size of the tanks and the many flyovers in the road network, the waterways are often a more practical option. Gpi arranges the transportation, the installation of the tanks and the placement of platforms and cage ladders. FrieslandCampina usually seals the tanks and reactors itself and carries out the inspections.

Good listeners

Douwe Hiemstra, Senior Technical Project Manager: “We see Gpi as a professional party that has been making its mark for years. The people at Gpi are good listeners. We can rely on them to deliver high-quality storage tanks of all shapes and sizes at short notice. The company meets our strict requirements regarding hygiene and safety and our working relationship is always good. At FrieslandCampina there is always something in the pipeline. But we always put our requests to various parties; that keeps the competition and Gpi on their toes.”

Milk filling

A dairy company of international renown

FrieslandCampina has formally existed for 10 years, but actually boasts a much longer history: its oldest predecessor dates from 1871. FrieslandCampina has locations in 34 countries and is the third-largest dairy cooperative and sixth-largest dairy company in the world. As well as its flagship dairy products, the company also produces ingredients for baby food and pharmaceuticals. FrieslandCampina’s key commitments are to ensure a good income for its member dairy farmers and to guarantee better nutrition. Quality and safety are the number one priority.