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An impossible request

Everything gone in a flash

In 2017 Van Zutven built an entirely new production line. A huge investment. On 31 May 2017, just before testing got underway, a raging fire reduced the factory to ashes. Frans van Zutven, founder and director of Van Zutven Feed Processing: “Everything was gone in a flash, without even running once. That was a devastating blow. At first, I could hardly face rebuilding everything from scratch. But we quickly got ourselves back in the right mindset.” Before long, ambitious reconstruction plans were in place, with automation and security as the key priorities.

11 stainless steel silos: 9 powder silos and 2 mixing silos

Van Zutven came to Gpi with an impossible request: the silos, which were ordered in April 2018, had to be delivered in June/July, otherwise the construction of the silo hall would stagnate. Thanks to constructive interaction and a lot of hard work, the job was done on time. Gpi supplied 11 silos for the new building: 9 powder silos and 2 mixing silos, all with a capacity of around 65 m3. Gpi made the silos in its own factory and then transported them to Veghel. The entire project went smoothly.

No-nonsense mentality

Frans van Zutven: “There was an instant click. It is a company that suits me down to the ground – the no-nonsense mentality, how they deal with people, the transparency. And fair’s fair, they could have played hard ball in the negotiations. But they didn’t take advantage of my situation and even made a few concessions to help me out. I really appreciate that.”

Frans van Zutven together with his son Niels van Zutven

About Van Zutven Feedprocessing

Family-owned Van Zutven Feed Processing upgrades residual flows from the food industry into high-quality ingredients for the feed industry, such as for the production of milk for baby calves. It also carries out intermediate processes for food companies who can re-use their own residual products. Uniquely, many of the machines for the production lines are built by the company itself. Van Zutven doesn’t wait for the market to offer what it needs, but figures that out itself and then proceeds to realise its wishes, either alone or with third parties.