Storage tanks for VLOG milk

Demand for VLOG milk requires more separate storage capacity


VLOG milk is popular. Dutch dairy companies are increasingly focusing on possibilities with VLOG-certified milk. In order to meet the German market demand for Dutch cheese in which milk has been processed from cows receiving GMO-free foods, dairy farmers are increasingly being asked to produce milk according to the German standard for Verband Lebensmittel Ohne Gentechnik (VLOG). This milk has to be processed in a demonstrably separate milk flow, therefore, more and more dairy processors are investing in separate storage capacity.

Experienced tank constructor

Over the past 20 years, Gpi has produced practically every kind of dairy tank and equipment for almost all large dairy brands worldwide, including raw milk tankscream processing tanks, whey tanks, yoghurt tanks and fermentation tanks.


FrieslandCampina quickly responded to the demand for cheese, made according to the VLOG standard. As a result, FrieslandCampina benefits from a strengthening position on the German market, says Fridjov Broersen, Managing Director of Cheese Retail Europe. ‘Because the demand from German customers for this cheese is growing, we need more member milk that meets the specific requirements that are set for the production of this milk.

What is VLOG?

VLOG (Verband Lebensmittel Ohne Gentechnik) is a German association that is responsible for the certification and issuing of the ‘Ohne Gentechnik’ label. The association founded in 2010 has been recognized by the German government. VLOG certification is aimed at the entire chain of feed streams, dairy farming, transport, dairy processing up to the shop shelf. The goal is to produce food without the use of genetically modified organisms.

What does this mean for dairy processors?

The dairy processor must be able to demonstrate that the VLOG milk is taken from dairy farmers who comply with the VLOG Standard. Ingredients that are used in the production must also meet the set criteria. The dairy processor must also process this milk in a demonstrably separate milk flow, because the VLOG milk may not come into contact with the regular milk, then the quality mark no longer applies.

Investing in separate storage capacity is therefore necessary. Dairy processors are busy building new halls with different milk tanks. There are even completely new production companies set up for the processing of VLOG milk.

Gpi Milk tanks

Raw milk tanks are insulated storage tanks for unprocessed raw milk. This is generally stored in large vertical tanks (silos) up to approximately 500m3. By means of side entry agitators, raw milk is kept in motion in order to prevent cream from forming. An angled bottom ensures good outflow.

Gpi applies EHEDG design standards for a hygienic design. If required, purely EHEDG-certified components can be used.