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Four oil tanks for candle-maker Spaas

“Cooperation smooth and above all professional”

In February, four storage tanks left the Skarbimierz production site destined for the Spaas candle-making factory in Stargard, northern Poland. To boost its production capacity there, Spaas had placed an order for four stainless steel oil storage tanks with accompanying gantries, handrails and ladder. 

Candle-maker Spaas

Spaas is a candle producer which was founded in 1853, operating from a small factory in Hamont, Belgium. The company has since grown to become market leader in Belgium and is now widely known throughout Europe. In addition to its plant in Belgium, the company has production facilities in Stargard, Poland. With a workforce of 280 employees, the company is able to guarantee quality and the ongoing expansion of its product range. 

drawing_candle-maker spaas

About the order

The four tanks were ordered as part of the company’s expansion programme at its Polish production site. For this reason, the stainless steel tanks, each with a capacity of 50m3, were manufactured at Gpi’s plant in Skarbimierz, Poland. The gantries, handrails and ladder which accompany the tanks were produced at the Gpi factory in Brzeg. The vertical tanks have a diameter of 2.86 metres and a height of 11.6 metres (including support legs and railing).

Experienced engineers at Gpi designed the tanks to operate safely at temperatures ranging from -30° to +130°C.

Wrapped in a heating jacket using pillow plate technology, the tanks allow liquids to be stored at constant temperatures of around +40°C and at a design pressure of -0.005/0.045 bar.

The tanks themselves are made from 1.4307/304L stainless steel, which is highly resistant to environmental corrosion and is widely used in the petrochemical industry

100 mm-thick mineral wool helps insulate the tanks, which have also been reinforced at the top to allow access to production staff.

“The demand for the new tanks came about as a result of new natural oils becoming available for the production of scented candles.

Cooperation with Gpi was smooth and above all professional.”

Michał Kurpisz

Production and Maintenance Manager, Spaas Candles Polska

Displacement of the tank

The application

A good candle depends on the use of high-quality candle oil in the production process.

This begins at an early stage with the correct storage of the semi-finished product to preserve its properties. This is vital in order to guarantee a high-quality candle wax during later production processes. What does this mean in practice?

A candle should produce as little soot as possible and, to achieve the longest possible burning time, should not drip. In addition, the surface of a candle should melt evenly. If after 3 hours, only the centre of the surface has melted, a depression has formed and the edges are still intact, this signifies a poor quality product.

An oil tank that is designed to customised specifications will ensure that oils can be stored in optimum conditions to produce top-quality candles.