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Gpi deliveres Batterline installation for coating of French fries

Gpi has designed and built a complete batterline installation for Kiremko.

This process installation can produce liquid batter for coating of French fries.

This liquid batter will be applyed via an applicator of Kiremko. The fries will be covered in a thin layer before they are baked in the oven. This ‘battering’ or ‘coating’ of chips is done to give the French fries certain additional properties. Properties like the ‘bite’ (crispness), the color, the taste or staying warm longer. The fries ovens where this batterline will be placed at, are large industrial machines where 10,000-20,000 kg of French fries is baked per hour.

Gpi has designed and built a complete batterline installation for Kiremko.

The batter creation process

The batterline consists of a number of components:

  • A powder deposit, 20 kg bags are deposited in a cabinet
  • A powder conveyor system to the powder hoppers,
  • A mixer in which the powder is mixed with water,
  • Two buffer gas tanks where the coating fluid is stored and treated,
  • Various pumps and piping works for the pumping of the fluid,
  • A circulation tank from which the batter liquid is being pumped to the French fries oven through coolers.

About Kiremko

Kiremko develops and produces machines and process lines for the potato processing industry and is specialized in chips, both frozen as fresh, chips, flakes, snack pellets and many other potato by-products. Gpi and Kiremko have been working at a strategic level together for more than 15 years.

For more information about Kiremko, please visit Kiremko.com.