Mobile Process Tank

Stainless steel pressure vessels from 0,5 bar

For various reasons, including flexibility, you may desire to make use of a mobile process tank in your production line.

Gpi has designed and built mobile process tanks for several clients within various industries. For this reason, it is possible to build the tank, the control box and the cooling unit entirely on a skid, whereby the contents of the tank may be heated or cooled.

In order to provide a specific preparation, the process tank may be provided with an agitator, built-in weighing cells or an inspection glass.

We are happy to be able to apply our knowledge of process vessels in order to come up with a fitting solution for you, and to make a professional offer for your installation.


  • Tank, control box and cooling unit built on a skid
  • Provided with a scraping agitator, built-in weighing cell and inspection glass
  • Design in accordance with PED
  • Completely drainable, double-walled with cooling and heating options.
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