Site Built tanks

High-grade stainless steel tanks built directly on location


Gpi can also produce tanks directly on location. For this, we often use our unique Coil Building machine, using which we can highly efficiently produce tanks with a diameter of up to 30 metres, and a height of up to 30 metres.


Site Built tanks

Whenever transporting the tank to you via road or water is not an option, Gpi is also able to assemble tanks directly on-location. At Gpi, we often do this by means of our unique Coil Building system. This system that we refined in-house is by far the most efficient way of producing single or a small number of large tanks directly on location. For larger rows of storage tanks, we can operate several of these systems in parallel, or employ alternative methods.

Although building on-location often involves building large storage tanks, we are also able to build smaller tanks measuring, for example, 10m3, on-location. Whenever a tank is built in the factory such that it can no longer be installed, we are able to prefabricate it to the greatest extent possible and then assemble it on-location.

Safety is of the highest importance for tanks of any size produced by any construction method, both during manufacture and use. Tanks can be set up according to all the relevant standards, such as Eurocode 3, EN 14015, ASME and API 650. We can also help you if your installation falls under a PGS 29 / 30 /31 regime.

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Gpi Coil Building

The Gpi Coil Building system is a production method via which tanks with a diameter of up to 30 metres and a height of up to 30 metres can be produced. The machine makes use of a decoiling system which unrolls the stainless steel and cuts it off to create a body section, after which the welding process takes place entirely automatically. The tanks are lifted up by means of a computer-controlled hydraulic lift, so that the body section can be welded on its underside. The compactness of the system makes building large, high-quality stainless steel tanks on location a possibility.

Parallel production

When identical tanks need to be built on-location within a short time frame, we can also employ a parallel production process. In contrast to our Coil Building system, we then build several tanks simultaneously, whereby one centrally-positioned crane carries out lifting operations.

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API 650 Tank
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EN 14015 tank
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