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Vertical Storage Tanks


  • Designed according to EN14015, EN13445 or other
  • From 1 to 15.000m3
  • Flat bottem, conical or clupper heads
  • Various options heating/cooling
  • Various options insulation

Vertical storage tanks

Gpi manufactures stainless steel storage tanks from a capacity of 500 l up to 15,000 m³. Depending on the destination, we can build the tanks in our factory in Lopik, in our factory in Groot-Ammers, or construct them on-location. We produce high-grade tanks and storage tanks up to a diameter of 6 m at our Lopik facility. From there, we can reach most locations quickly by road. If the tank cannot be transported by road, we often create storage tanks at our location in Groot Ammers. This factory is located right on the banks of the river Lek, allowing us to transport the tanks via water.

If you require a tank that satisfies standards, for example because your licence demands this, then view the following pages:

If delivery of the tank is impossible, we are also able to construct tanks with a diameter of up to 30 m and a height of up to 30 m on location. For this, we often use our Coil Building system, which ensures highly-efficient manufacture and high-quality tanks.

View more information about our Coil Building system here.

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