Stainless steel tanks for dairy products

Cream tank / Cream processing tank / Yoghurt tank

Cream tanks

Over the past 20 years, Gpi has produced practically every kind of dairy tank and equipment for almost all large dairy brands worldwide, including raw milk tanks, cream processing tanks, whey tanks, yoghurt tanks and fermentation tanks. Gpi applies EHEDG design standards for a hygienic design as a norm. If so desired, purely EHEDG-certified components can be used.

Cream tanks / Cream processing tanks / Yoghurt tanks are process tanks in which cream or yoghurt are made. These tanks often have conical bottoms, are cooled by means of a dimple jacket or half-pipe, and are completely insulated. When these tanks are kept indoors, they are often executed with welded cladding. Outside, aluminium piling wall insulation is often applied. In these tanks, specific agitators are often used, such as UZ element or cup mixers, for a delicate stirring process. Here, the correct combination can ensure better production and less severe side-effects, such as frothing.


  • Conical bottoms
  • Dimple jacket cooling
  • Insulated Aluminium pile wall
  • Hygienic design, RA 0,8
  • Top entry agitator  (UZ/Cup)
  • Typically to 250m3


  • Welded stainless steel insulation (for the interior)
  • Half-pipe cooling
  • Recess
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