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In addition to tanks, Gpi also produces process equipment for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This apparatus includes everything from simple shell-in-tube heat exchangers and melting tanks to complete test skids for laboratory use.

Gpi's innovation

Gpi Lamellen Crystallizer

At the request of a palm oil processing company, Gpi has brought an existing design to a next level. The in-house developed dimple fins in the tank ensure maximum cold transfer, while the slowly rotating agitator ensures that the crystal growth of the product is not interrupted.

Process equipment

In addition to tanks, Gpi has had a long history as a manufacturer of process equipment. Over the years, we have therefore produced a wide range of products made of stainless steel. These range from cocoa melting tanks to batter lines and from evaporators to skid construction. Our engineers will be happy to discuss your design before it is manufactured.

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Gpi Lamellae Crystalliser

On request by a palm oil processing company, Gpi brought an existing design up-to-date with current technology. With an agitator developed in-house with adjustable with .. The dimple lamellae in the tank ensure maximum transfer of cold, whereby the slowly-turning agitator guarantees that the product’s crystal growth is not interrupted.

Gpi Batterline

The Gpi batter line is a system which fully automatically applies a coating on a continual basis. Using the weighing system, a batch coating is continuously prepared, any unused batter is cooled and cleaned for reuse, and temperature and viscosity are constantly measured and optimised. The entire line is finished so as to be food grade, with hygienic components and weld finishes. The batter line can be used in industrial-scale coating lines for use in, for example, the potato-processing industry, and is already being used by leading companies in this market.


Kelstream Schabewärmetauscher

Kelstream Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

The Kelstream Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger is a vertical scraped surface heat exchanger developed by Gpi with double concentric-heating surfaces for optimal heat exchange. The Kelstream heat exchangers are excellently-suited for food, feed, pharmaceutical and non-food applications due to good handling of a diverse range of viscosities and good cleanability. Kelstream has since grown as a spin-off of Gpi into an independent business within the Gpi group, and has built up a global dealer network. For more information

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