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Who we are and what we represent

Gpi India is part of the Gpi Group which – with more 25 years of experience and a workforce of more than 300 – has grown to become the most multifaceted constructor of tanks in north-western Europe. We are a solid partner for all major brands in the process technology industry and in all markets, from food-processing and pharmaceuticals to chemicals and storage.

We make good on our promises in delivering added value for our customers on the basis of two unique qualities we possess. One of these is the way in which our diversity and international collaboration singles itself out from the rest. The other aspect in which we really distinguish ourselves is our workforce’s DNA: this is a difference in mentality. This is reflected in our unique Gpi culture, in which close-knit teams – with intelligent, responsible, ambitious professionals at every level, with a whole gamut of craftsmanship, expertise and innovative thinking at their disposal – are able to bring about added value in Gpi’s qualities. A result of these values is that our business partners and colleagues recognise who we are and what can be expected from us, both now and in the future


Our focus is on the continued delivery of quality and value for our customers. We achieve this through superior intelligence when it comes to craftsmanship and expertise in the company vis-à-vis the market/client, product and process.


For us, innovation means a constant drive to become smarter and better and to systematically improve our products, processes and services through a combination of creativity, new ways of working and the use of new technology.


We have a strong drive and a healthy ambition to grow and to become a global player for the global players in our markets.


Commitment is all about connecting with each other and our customers. We believe in long-term relationships. This means sustainable partnerships which effectively capitalise on every opportunity to enhance value and improve processes.

Why we would be the best partner for you

Skilled workforce

Our team is carefully selected based on rigorous criteria to ensure we have the best talent on board. We value excellent communication skills, as we believe effective collaboration is essential for success. Moreover, our professionals undergo specific training to enhance their expertise and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.


When you partner with us, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. Our onboarding process is designed to make your experience as smooth as possible, ensuring a seamless transition into our working relationship. We adhere to a strong European work ethic, guaranteeing professionalism, reliability, and dedication. Consider us an extension of your team, working closely together to achieve shared goals.

Quality Output

We are committed to providing you with topnotch results. To keep you informed and engaged throughout the process, we provide regular task updates. Your feedback is crucial to us, and we actively seek it to ensure we meet your requirements and make continuous improvements to our work.

Ease of Work

We understand the value of convenience in a partnership. With us, you’ll have a single point of contact who will be dedicated to understanding your needs and coordinating all aspects of the project. Our committed colleagues are always ready to assist you and provide prompt responses. Furthermore, we are willing to travel to your location, enabling us to be physically present whenever necessary

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About our people

Explore the inspiring stories of the skilled professionals who drive the force behind Gpi India. With dedication and determination, they strive for groundbreaking innovations. Each individual at Gpi India contributes invaluable expertise to the dynamic journey of technological advancement.

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