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Gpi Group acquires equipment manufacturer Altermij-De Gouwe

Gpi Group and Altermij–of Gouwe have reached an agreement to add Altermij-De Gouwe to the Gpi Group. Gpi will merge the activities of Altermij-De Gouwe and Gpi Process Equipment, to better serve clients with specialized process equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The acquisition is expected to be formally completed in the first quarter of 2019.

The merged company will continue to specialize itself further to develop and produce complex and knowledge-intensive process equipment, such as process tanks, (scraped surface) heat exchangers, cooking vessels, crystallizers, batter preparation systems, etc. Custom engineered solutions remain an important activity. The high quality engineering and production of Altermij-De Gouwe gives the process equipment division of Gpi the necessarily knowledge, skill and room to grow.

Fred Boere, CEO Gpi Group

“The acquisition of Altermij-De Gouwe is the next step in the independence of the Process Equipment division within the Gpi Group. Over 70 years of knowledge and experience of Altermij-De Gouwe with the development and production of these products ensures that the company fits perfectly within the vision for our Process Equipment division.”

Arno Rodenburg, COO Gpi Group

“The acquisition ensures that we can serve our customers better and faster, with engineering and production specifically focused on process equipment. We know Altermij-De Gouwe as a manufacturer of high quality products and look forward to making this merger a success with the entire team.”

Ype Smid and Jan Willem van der Wolf, shareholders Altermij-De Gouwe

“The acquisition by the Gpi Group bundles the forces of custom tank construction solutions. This is the right step for Altermij-De Gouwe, at the right time, for both the staff, and the continuation and further development of the business activities ”

Gerard Blok is appointed as Managing Director of the company. Gerard Blok has been employed at Gpi for 8 years. He has been responsible for sales and marketing for the past 4 years as Business Manager of Gpi Group and as such has been a member of the management team.

Gpi Group - Gpi de Gouwe

About the Gpi Group

Gpi Group is a group of companies created from Gpi Roestvast B.V. and focuses primarily on the metal industry. Over the past 20 years, the company has grown to become an established name in the Dutch metal industry and has distinguished itself from other companies by constantly innovating in technology, process and collaborations.

The Process Equipment division falls next to the Tanks division within the Gpi Group. Current clients from Gpi Process Equipment or Altermij-De Gouwe can contact their trusted contact person. If your question is better suited to another division, you will of course be introduced for the best possible service experience.

For more information about Gpi Tanks, Gpi Process Equipment and Altermij-De Gouwe we refer you to the websites:

www.gpi-pe.com | info@gpi-pe.com
www.altermij-degouwe.nl | info@altermij-degouwe.nl