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Cylindrical Conical Tank (CCT)


  • 50 hl to 8,000 hl
  • Conical bottom
  • Dimple plate cooling
  • Insulated
  • Headspace >20%
  • Hygienic design
  • RA 0.8 or smoother


  • Top insulation
  • Iglo/Top plate cover
  • Dimple/Halfpipe
  • Conical manhole in bottom
  • Insulation Pur/Wool

CCT (Cylindrical Conical Tank)

CCTs (Cylindrical Conical Tanks) with conical bottoms are used for the fermentation process of beer. Gpi’s fermentation tanks are always custom-made in order to make maximum use of the available space. As a standard, the tanks come with a hygienic finish. However, they are also available completely polished or even electropolished if you desire an even higher-grade finish. The cooling capacity, insulation and pressure (including static pressure) of the tanks can be adjusted according to your needs.

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Our products

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