BRL 756/03

KIWA tank

KIWA BRL-K756/03 tanks

Since 2008, many chemical storage installations in the Netherlands must legally comply with the BRL-K903/08 standard. In these installations, vertical steel tanks of up to 150,000 m3 are required to comply with the BRL-K756-3 directive. This directive specifies a very specific tank design, which includes the following conditions:

  • The bottoms of the tank must be rounded.
  • The underside must be a klöpper or korbbogen head*
  • The upper side must have a manhole
  • The tank must have a second manhole in the hull*
  • Double-walled tanks must have a leak-detection system

The entire specification can be read here on KIWA’s website.

Under certain conditions, and only if this has been discussed with KIWA, some conditions may be deviated from as long as this does not pose a threat for safety and the environment.

Gpi is certified by KIWA in order to be able to design tanks according to customer specifications that comply with the relevant standards. Safety is an important priority here. In consultation with the client, our qualified engineers design the custom-made tanks according to the KIWA BRL-K756/3 directives.

Read more about our certification and building codes here.


  • BRL 756/03
  • Vertical unpressurised tanks
  • For the storage of environmentally-harmful substances
  • Mandatory in BRL-K903 installations
  • Max. 150 m3


  • Single-walled or double-walled
  • Leak detection

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