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5 large chemical tanks for a battery manufacturer

Each project is a unique task for us, full of commitment. However, if our client is a company from the chemical industry that acts consciously, and the tanks manufactured by Gpi can contribute significantly to the protection of the environment, we know that our work is of great importance.

Tanks for chemicals to protect the environment

The customer for whom we have produced stainless steel tanks is engaged in the development of highly advanced, nickel-rich materials for battery cells intended mainly for electric and hybrid vehicles.

For 200 years, the company has been guided by the values of sustainable technology, using the latest scientific knowledge to improve the quality of the environment, and thus – air quality and health. The idea of an enterprise in the third century of its operation is aimed at maximum efficiency from the use of the natural resources of our planet.

Large steel chemical storage tanks were built on site at one of the client’s newly established sites. It is the first factory in the world to produce advanced cathode materials for batteries.

For many years, the contracting authority has been a recognized and leading producer of innovative products and solutions in Europe.

Drawing project for a battery manufacturer

Technical Specifications

Type 316L stainless steel has been used for contact.

The tank, with a height of 10 m, a diameter of 7.5 m and a volume of 355.5 m3 , can operate at a temperature of -20 / 40°C. The maximum allowable product density is 1,343 kg/m3 . Engineers have assumed a design pressure of -0.0085 to +0.0250 bar based on calculations.

During production, the tanks were insulated with 100 mm thick wool to maintain the right product temperature and to minimise heat loss. In addition, the equipment includes an upper brace and cage ladders. In order to prevent the product from escaping beyond the foundation of the structure, the tanks were placed on a concrete foundation, which resembles the shape of a bathtub.

Drawing chemical tank

Experience in the production of large storage tanks

As a manufacturer of steel tanks (stainless steel), we also serve the food, pharmaceutical and oil sectors. Thanks to the attention to every detail, compliance with restrictive standards (including ASME), and attention to hygienic finishing, so that the storage of substances is completely safe, we have built a trust that is valued on the market, in every industry.

Experience in the production of large storage tanks