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Customer story

ATM: "The storage of caustic soda is now well secured for years and operationally reliable"

Gpi delivered 50 m3 stainless steel caustic soda storage tank for ATM

ATM, part of leading waste-to-product company Renewi, processes hazardous waste with the aim of cleaning and reusing it. For the replacement of an old tank, a demand arose for a new stainless steel storage tank. ATM approached Gpi for a 50 m3 stainless steel storage tank for caustic soda, a solution used in processes to clean contaminated water.

Hans Magielse, Mechanical Engineer at ATM, explains the choice for Gpi: “Gpi was already known to us from previous deliveries for the manufacture of tanks according to the required standards. For this project, Gpi offered the complete package, including electric tracing and on-site installation within our specified budget.”

Improved design

The order involved the design, construction, transportation and installation of a 50 m3 stainless steel tank for the storage of caustic soda. The tank was designed according to the KIWA BRL-K 756-03 guideline and has been improved in several ways compared to the tank it replaced. For example, the material has been upgraded to stainless steel (316L) due to the wear and tear of the old carbon steel tank. Stainless steel offers a longer lifespan and better corrosion resistance. Additionally, the new tank is electrically heated. Hans explains this choice: “The old tank was heated with steam in cold ambient temperatures, but due to limited availability and higher costs, we chose electric heating.” The new tank has legs to ensure that the tank is easy to clean and no residue builds up. “‘Gpi thought well of this and adapted the design accordingly,” says Hans.

"Gpi thought along well, offered flexibility and delivered smart construction details"

Smart details

As it is a replacement tank, the platform and cage ladder of the new tank had to connect to partially existing and partially new steel structural parts. Hans is positive about the engineering phase: “With clever construction details and flexibility in the cage ladder and top platform, Gpi’s engineers ensured that all parts fit well with the existing structure without further modifications.”

Transport & installation

“The transport went well. The tank was delivered and unloaded at the ATM site without damage. The tank was installed by Gpi’s assembly department in the specially designated pit next to the building where it is used for the cleaning processes. The installation went smoothly without any delays,” he says.

The collaboration and the result

Hans looks back positively on the collaboration: “The collaboration with Gpi went well and all agreements were met. A big plus is the flexibility in both planning and design, allowing last-minute changes to be made without delaying the project. With the arrival of the new storage tank, the storage of caustic soda is well secured for years and operationally reliable.”

"The collaboration with Gpi went well and all agreements were met"

About ATM and Renewi

Renewi is a progressive waste-to-product company that strives for a sustainable society by obtaining value from waste by reusing as much as possible. ATM is a subsidiary of Renewi and processes 2 million tons of hazardous waste annually, of which 95% is recycled into new reusable raw materials.