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Four stainless steel tanks for new CIP installation FrieslandCampina

The FrieslandCampina site in Gerkesklooster produces dairy products, including cheese. Because the existing CIP installation had reached the end of its technical life span, and did not offer enough capacity to ensure fast and effective cleaning, four new stainless steel tanks were needed to replace the CIP installation with a completely new installation.

To realise the new CIP (clean in place) system, FrieslandCampina approached Gpi with a quotation request for four stainless steel tanks, namely two 290 m3 water tanks and two 70 m3 chemical tanks. The offered price-quality ratio was the decisive factor in selecting Gpi for the new CIP installation. After the quote was approved at the end of 2020, the design phase was completed and production activities could start in the first quarter of 2021. The effective partnership between the two companies not only resulted in a new ‘custom-made’ and very functional CIP system for FrieslandCampina, but also served as a great compliment for Gpi!

“FrieslandCampina is very satisfied with the final result and is very positive about the quality offered by Gpi”, says Jan-Peter Hofsteenge, Project Manager FrieslandCampina.

Two water tanks and two chemical tanks

Two large water tanks and two chemical tanks were needed for the new CIP system. The water tanks have a capacity of 290 m3 and a diameter of over 4 metres, and are 26 metres high. The chemical tanks have a capacity of 70 m3 and a diameter of over 3 metres, and are 14 metres high. The stainless steel tanks were both designed and produced by Gpi Tanks in Lopik, have a capacity of 316L and feature insulation. The required cage ladders and platforms were also installed. The chemical tanks feature four legs, while the water tanks rest on a lockable skirt.

Transport and installation

The tanks were transported, delivered and installed in Gerkesklooster (Friesland) at the start of the second quarter. The 26-metre water tanks and the 14-metre chemical tanks were transported as special transport by road from Lopik to Gerkesklooster in Friesland. Due to the dimensions of the tanks and the height of the building, an extra-long crane was needed during installation because the large tanks had to be lifted over the top of the building.

About FrieslandCampina

The first local dairy factory was founded by local farmers in 1871. In the meantime, FrieslandCampina has become one of the largest dairy companies in the world and is based in 38 countries. The company aims to realise better nutrition and a good income for farmers, and wants to maintain our natural surroundings for the future. Milk and other dairy products are exported to over 100 countries across the globe.

What is a CIP installation?

A CIP installation is a self-cleansing system where production components are cleaned automatically without having to disassemble them. During this cleaning process, the production components are rinses and cleaned with liquids including water, lye and acid.