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Water storage tanks

Water storage tanks from 500 litres to 15,000 m3

Gpi builds stainless steel water storage tanks in all kinds of shapes and sizes for every conceivable application and industry. They range from a water tank of 480 m3 with a high-quality finish for a professional diving centre to a demineralised or drinking water storage tank of 7300 m3 for a utility company.

Demineralised water storage tanks

Demineralised water is ultra-pure. It is produced by techniques such as membrane filtration and ion exchange, among others. This removes not only all floating particles (such as sand and algae) from the water but also other components. Demineralised water is used, above all, to produce high-pressure steam. It ensures good conductivity and avoids contamination in the expensive turbines.

Do you have any questions about our water tanks?

Potable water storage tanks

Potable water storage tanks are specialised containers designed to safely store drinking water. Constructed from materials that prevent contamination, such as stainless steel, polyethylene, or fiberglass, these tanks ensure that the water remains clean and safe for consumption.

Key features include protective coatings, UV resistance, and secure lids to prevent ingress of pollutants. Potable water storage tanks are crucial for ensuring a reliable supply of fresh water in areas with limited access to municipal water systems, during emergencies, or in locations where water quality must be strictly controlled.

Increasing numbers of companies are using demineralised water – demi water for short – for their production processes. Our customer Evides Industriewater supplies it from its demi water factory in Botlek. Gpi supplied 4 water tanks for Evides for this: two softened water storage tanks and two demineralised water tanks.

GRP water storage tanks

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) water storage tanks are highly durable and versatile solutions for storing water. Constructed from a combination of resin and glass fibers, these tanks offer excellent strength-to-weight ratios, making them robust yet lightweight. GRP tanks are resistant to corrosion, UV rays, and various weather conditions, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance.

They are suitable for storing potable water, rainwater, and even certain chemicals, thanks to their non-reactive inner surfaces. 

Available in various shapes and sizes, GRP water storage tanks can be customised to fit specific installation sites and capacity requirements. Their ease of installation and durability make them a popular choice for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Our water tank range

At our site in Lopik, we produce high-quality water tanks in diameters of up to 6 metres. From there, we can get to the majority of sites quickly by road. If the tank can no longer be transported by road, we often produce the water tank at our site in Groot-Ammers.

This factory is directly on the River Lek and we can transport the tank by water from there. And if it is not possible to transport the water tank, we also construct tanks of up to 30 metres in diameter and 30 metres in height on site. This generally involves using our Coil Building System, which allows very high-quality tanks to be built extremely efficiently.

No matter the size of tank or the construction method, safety is a top priority both during the building work and when it is being used. Tanks can be produced according to all the relevant norms, such as Eurocode 3, EN 14015, ASME and API 650. All kinds of technical variants are possible, such as heated/cooled tanks, double floors, domed roofs or double-walled tanks.

Waterstorage tank Gpi tanks

Selection of the capacity and parameters of water storage solutions

The Gpi engineers can advise you on the technical specifications and optimisation of the tank. Dedicated engineers carry out calculations in accordance with the applicable design standard and certificate and will help in selecting the dimensions of the tank to the destination.

In their work, engineers rely on experience as well as calculation and design tools such as TankDesign2.0 (internal proprietary software), Solid Edge, Auto Cad, Visual Vessel Design.

Water tanks, if not located outside, are usually located in production halls or on the lower floors of the building, which is associated with difficult access. Access to factories can also be difficult due to, for example, rail or road infrastructure. Gpi is ready for such difficulties.

Stainless steel water tanks – what should you know?

  • The most commonly used tanks in the food and chemical industries,
  • The perfect storage solution for large and medium-sized enterprises,
  • Hygienic finish according to customer requirements,
  • Advanced calculations performed by experienced designers protect against weather conditions,
  • The cylindrical design with a flat bottom is the perfect solution for any industry,
  • Stainless steel tanks are corrosion-resistant,
  • Possibility of on-site construction depending on the required capacity,
  • A hygienic finish guarantees the safety of the stored substance.


A baffled water tank is a type of water storage tank that has built-in partitions or baffles to prevent sloshing of water during transportation or agitation.

Yes, potable water tanks are specifically designed and approved for storing drinking water safely.

Underground water tanks save space, protect the stored water from sunlight and temperature changes, and are aesthetically pleasing for urban areas.

Industrial water tanks are designed to withstand more robust conditions and are often used for applications such as chemical storage or industrial water supply.