40 storage tanks for oils and fats

Gpi provided Smilde Foods with 40 storage tanks for the storage of plant-based oils and fats.

The entire scope of the project included, in addition to the tanks, platforms and stairs, the steel construction. The newly-realised tank park consists of 40 x 50m3 tanks. The tanks are heated by means of a dimple plate on the bottom of the lowermost ring.

We mapped out the entirety of this project in 3D, so that we were already able to virtually tour the tank park during on-site installation. In addition, we were also able to provide the steel construction (including installation) for this project.

Smilde’s history began over 150 years ago. The company was founded as a butchery in Heerenveen, and played a prominent role in the animal fats market. In the end, Smilde saw more potential in plant-based oils and fats, and as a result grew to become the biggest margarine producer in the Netherlands. The construction of this tank park is phase I of the Heerenveen Master Plan.

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Our tanks for the food industry