4 cacao massa tanks

Gpi has delivered 4x 30m³ vessels for its client in the food-processing industry. These tanks are designed for the processing of cocoa mass. Cocoa mass is the basis for all chocolate products for both the food industry and consumers. The production location in Hamburg is, with just 17 employees, merely a small part of an extensive company. Gpi has provided a total of 7 tanks for this production location, the latest 4 having been installed recently. These tanks were provided with dimple plate.

Our client is a global provider of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services. With approximately 142,000 employees, they strive on a daily basis to provide the world with food in a responsible manner. They aim to minimise environmental impact and improve the society in which we work and live.

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Our tanks for the food industry

Gpi Tanks - producent zbiorników cisnieniowych na olej spożywczy

Storage tanks

Gpi designs, manufactures, delivers and installs stainless steel storage tanks from 500 litre up to 15.000 m3. Shop built or directly at your location.