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More in common than you can imagine: the secret to Gpi and Selo’s success

The basis for success in any industry is a willingness for partners to agree and to establish clearly defined goals. For many years, the Dutch arm of the Gpi Group has been supplying process tanks to Selo Food Processing and Packaging Systems.

In 2018, Gpi Poland joined this collaboration and Polish engineers have since helped construct more than 40 process tanks for Selo. Given Selo’s own values, it’s hardly surprising why they opt for Gpi.

Selo designs and manufactures process and packaging systems for the food-processing and other industries around the world. By offering comprehensive solutions, Selo pays special attention to project execution, installation and system configuration.

People: the basis for success

Like Gpi, Selo believes in people. Both companies devote time and energy to the development of their employees, who create products based on advanced design principles. Likewise, both provide comprehensive support to customers, adopting a holistic approach at every stage of the collaborative process.

At Gpi we care about how we communicate with customers, with an openness to the needs of  both parties.

We place high demands on our suppliers and are aware of our commitment to absolute quality, as is likewise the case with Selo.

High demands

Selo regularly conducts audits of potential partners to ensure they meet the standards required. The defining factors in this are reliability at the planning and implementation stage of the project, flexibility and maintaining competitive prices.

“Several joint projects have been completed on the basis of this selection criteria. Gpi is open to suggestions for improvement and Selo works with a limited number of partners for the delivery of process tanks. Orders are placed on the basis of this selection criteria, depending on size, specifications, workload, planning and budgets. Gpi has a proven track record in this field”.

Luuk Lubberman, Manager Selo Food Technology

Drawing tank (1)

A detailed knowledge of production processes enables project managers and engineers in both companies to come up with innovative solutions and develop high-quality products. Selo’s engineers  give a detailed explanation of their expectations and ideas, enabling Gpi to design the very best tanks.

Process tanks for the food-processing industry

Over the last 2 years, we have produced more than 40 process tanks for Selo, mainly in the food-processing industry.

For example, Gpi engineers have designed customised tanks for the storage of mayonnaise, ketchup,  chocolate and syrups, ranging in size from 1,000 to 20,000 litres.

The capacity of one tank operating at a temperature of 0° to 100°C degrees, at baric pressures of -0.001 to +0.003 up to 5,000 litres. The total height of the tank, constructed on 3 support legs, was 4.55 metres.

Drawing buffer tank

Gpi constructed and delivered a stainless steel buffer tank for Selo for use in oil production. Buffer tanks are used for the short-term storage of products. Thanks to the detailed information given by the customer, we are able to construct tanks which are fully customised to the overall production process.

In 2020, Gpi also produced 5 tanks for the processing of ketchup with a capacity of 5,000 litres each, supported on four legs, with a total height of  2.8  metres.

Drawing coocked-stach-tank-for-ketchup

Industry experience

Customers pay special attention to the hygienic design and the selection of suitable material when constructing production lines for food processing.

“For Selo (and our customers) it is essential that partners are aware of market demand when it comes to hygienic design, flexibility, service, competitive prices and reliability in project realisation. Gpi is such a partner”.

Luuk Lubberman, Manager Selo Food Technology

The high level of finishing of the tanks at Gpi is standard. As a rule, food tanks are produced with an internal roughness of Ra 0.8 μm, but tanks with much smoother walls can also be supplied.

A good mutual understanding and shared know-how and experience are the keys to success in any industry. Gpi and Selo have a reputation for clearly-defined expectations, high standards of workmanship and open-mindedness, forming the basis for a successful partnership which is almost unique in the market.