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Customised Stainless Steel Tanks

Hygienic tanks for buffering your product between processes Used in food, pharma and cosmetics Both manual and CIP cleaning possible

We design and manufacture pressure and low-pressure tanks based on customer documentation or our own practices.

Our specialists pay attention to the smallest details so that the tank is optimally tailored to the specific features of a particular company.

Stainless Steel Buffer Tanks

Buffer tanks are used in many industries. Their role is to provide a kind of storage security (stock) in production processes.

They are an ideal solution to store products between different processes, such as heating, cooling, filling, and mixing.

For example, they can work as thermal storage tanks that store heat for water-circulated heating.

Modification of Buffer Tanks

We offer the best and most effective solutions.

When you submit your application, please provide us with information on what you’re looking for so that the tank matches the processes taking place in your organisation.

The tank can be:

  • equipped with an agitator
  • equipped with an inclined bottom
  • equipped with heating and cooling functions (Dimple, Halfpipe),
  • equipped with CIP connections
  • mounted on a frame
  • manufactured with smoother than standard internal walls
  • manufactured from stainless steel type 304, 316l, or Duplex

3D Design and Detailed Technical Documentation

We understand that every application is different and that the product must be adapted to the process taking place in a particular company.

This approach has made us the only company in the market to adapt to the customer using our own tank design programme (TankDesign2.0).

We design stainless steel tanks according to the customer’s specifications to ensure they are perfectly tailored to their products and processes.

Aanpassing van buffertanks Wij bieden de beste en meest doeltreffende oplossingen.

Are you interested in stainless steel buffer tanks?

Hygienic Finishing of Tanks

For some applications, such as the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry, there are special requirements for the finish of the tank.

For the food industry, storage tanks are delivered as standard with an internal roughness of Ra ≤ 0.8 µm, but on customer request, we can produce tanks with much smoother (and thus more hygienic) walls.

One of the advanced methods for achieving high tank hygiene is electropolishing. This treatment dissolves all irregularities, and the surface of the tank is like a mirror.

12 stainless steel buffer tanks

Pressure Tanks

We are a manufacturer of stainless steel tanks for any industry. We use stainless steel for our projects because we focus on the quality and durability of the material.

Stainless steel tanks are corrosion-resistant and break-resistant (which can happen with plastic tanks).

We supply large-pressure vessels, low-pressure vessels (up to 0.5 bar) and non-pressure vessels, using mainly 1.4301/1.4307 (304/304L), 1.4404 (316L), and Duplex steels.

Our experience allows us to optimise and propose the best offer for producing single and double-walled tanks for the storage or heating of water, other liquids, or gases. With our help, you can make your heating system much more efficient.

For the chemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, stainless steel tanks are often used for the storage of hazardous substances. Whether you need a biomass boiler or other specific buffer tank, we are ready to help you succeed.

The tanks produced by Gpi Tanks are tailored to your process and guarantee a safe operation for many years.

Drukvaten, lagedrukvaten (tot 0,5 bar) en niet-drukvaten


A buffer tank is used to store hot water or heating water to ensure a constant and even heat distribution throughout the system.

A heat pump buffer tank stores hot water generated by the heat pump, which can then be used for various heating purposes.

Mild steel buffer tanks are known for their durability, making them suitable for long-term use.

When selecting a water buffer tank for a specific application, you should consider factors such as capacity, size, insulation, and suitable heat source.

A domestic hot water cylinder is used for storing potable hot water for household use, while a buffer tank is usually used in bigger heating systems to store heating water.

Gpi Tanks offers a range of customised stainless steel buffer tanks and thermal stores with various capacities and sizes to suit different heating system requirements. Contact us to learn what we can do for you!