5M3 KIWA BRL-K756 Storage tanks

The client requested three storage tanks that had to comply with the KIWA BRL-K756 directive. The three storage tanks have a capacity of 45,000 litres each, and are to be used for the storage of formic acid, lactic acid and Sal CURB. Sal CURB is a mixture of fluid formaldehyde and organic acids.

KIWA zertifizierte Lagertanks

Safety is an important priority when designing such tanks. The tanks are used for the storage of substances that are damaging to health. Gpi is certified for producing tanks according to the KIWA BRL-K756 directive. This means, among other things, that the tanks must be equipped with two heavily flanged manholes, provided with a Davit hinge onto which a safety switch can be installed. In agreement with the technician and KIWA, these tanks were equipped with a conical bottom instead of the usually required klöpper bottom. This results in a better outflow and, in this case, does not endanger the safety of people or the environment.

Our client is involved in the design, installation and maintenance of tank installations in the petrochemical and chemical industries.

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