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Pharmaceutical tanks

Stainless steel process and storage tanks

Hygienic surface finish For the production of drugs, syrups, vaccines, supplements and other medical substances Safe solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnological products

Pharmaceutical tanks, due to their intended purpose, should be custom designed and manufactured. The drug manufacturing procedure is very restrictive. Therefore, it is very important to adapt the storage and process tank to the production line of the pharmaceutical company.

Manufacturer of stainless steel pharmaceutical tanks

Storage of ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry has a direct impact on the safety and efficiency of the final drug product. The tank manufacturer should be aware of the production process and storage requirements. Gpi engineers know the requirements of pharmaceutical producers and what they need. Sterility, the choice of the right stainless steel, heating and cooling system, agitators and pressure have a major impact on the effectiveness of drugs, vaccines and vitamin preparations. 

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Design and manufacture of storage and process tanks

Gpi engineers are specialists in the design of industrial tanks for various industries, including pharmaceuticals.

In the design department, detailed calculations are made regarding the tank wall thickness based on the specific norm and standards (ASME, PED directive, EN14015, EN13445, KIWA, API650 and others).

During the design stage, special attention is paid to respecting the hygienic character of the tank. Corners, edges and gaps are kept to a minimum to prevent the accumulation of microorganisms. Stainless steel is the material on which the tank manufacturer and the end customer can rely.

Individual quotation and design

Tanks are tailored to the surface area and specific characteristics of the customer’s production line. This is why Gpi offers custom-designed products. This ensures that the preparation process runs as smoothly as possible.

When you accept a project from Gpi, you can be sure that we will deliver a tank that has been designed, manufactured in-house, according to the norm, checked by our quality control department, with full technical documentation and a material list.

When it comes to the size of your stainless steel process tank, we are flexible.

Specification of tanks for pharmaceutical products

Process installations including tanks in the pharmaceutical industry must meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene. As specialists in stainless steel tank design, we tailor the grade of material to the needs of the company.  Whether 304(L), 316(L) or, popular for large tank construction, duplex, we carry out a thorough analysis so that the material is resistant to the stored raw material.

Hygiene requirements in the pharmaceutical industry

A tank with cylinder construction must also be equipped with hygienic seals, valves and the necessary security features. Also essential – because of the substance to be stored in the tank – is the thickness of the tank walls, the manhole and the treatment of both external and internal welds.

Selected tank options:

  • Ellipsoidal, conical, flat heads
  • Inspection window, manhole
  • Design in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive PED
  • Tank manufactured according to American ASME pressure vessel standard
  • Tank insulation (e.g. mineral wool, polystyrene, thermaflex)
  • Built-in side or top agitators
  • Pillow plate heating and cooling system
  • Fully drainable, double-walled tanks
  • Skimming tank
  • CIP system
Types of pharmaceutical tanks

Types of pharmaceutical tanks

In general, tanks can be divided into storage and process tanks.

Gpi offers customised designs:

Pressure tanks are mainly designed for the preparation of raw materials before the next stage of drug production.

All solutions for the design and manufacture of tanks, mixers and reactors are based on pharmaceutical standards.

Mobile process vessels

Mobile tanks, on trolleys or fitted with wheels, are a great convenience in laboratories and on the production line when product is manually dosed.

These are usually small stainless steel process tanks that are suitable for many places in the production line where different drug ingredients are added and mixed.

For specific formulations used in the pharmaceutical industry, a mobile stainless steel process tank can be equipped with an agitator, heating/cooling jacket, sight glass.

If you require a double-walled tank, we are open to your enquiry.

Pharma tanks

Gpi Pharma specialist manufacturer of tanks for the pharmaceutical industry

Gpi as a corporate group specialising in the production of stainless steel tanks opened a new company Gpi Pharma in 2021.

Experience, production capacity and an international network of partner companies enable the delivery of a tank in the shortest possible lead time and meet restrictive design and production standards.

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Sales Manager Joost Nieuwlaat, CEO Fred Boere, COO Arno Rodenburg and Commercial Director Gerard Blok

Producer of stainless steel tanks for demanding customers

We have extensive experience in manufacturing tanks for the pharmaceutical industry, which allows for professional design, selection of materials, calculations and assembly.

Gpi engineers are experts who ensure the highest quality of services and products. Calculations are carried out in accordance with best design practices, based on national and international standards.

We guarantee that the stainless steel tanks for pharmaceuticals will be durable, safe and customised to the customer’s process. We have experience in designing and manufacturing storage tanks for high density and viscous substances such as syrups, emulsions and ointments.

We adapt all solutions for the design and production of skid tanks, process tanks, bioreactors, fermenters to the high pharmaceutical standards.

Thanks to the joint and well-coordinated work of the engineering, production, quality control, logistics departments, we ensure full project control.

Stainless steel tanks for drug storage and production

Due to the specificity of products for the pharmaceutical or biochemical industry, engineers designing stainless steel tanks are guided by several assumptions, these include

  • Use of materials resistant to the product, changes in temperature and pressure
  • Use of materials which are non-porous, non-toxic, non-absorbent and mechanically stable
  • Elimination of places where microorganisms can accumulate
  • Reducing the number of joints to a necessary minimum

Offer for pharmaceutical tanks

Additionally, when pricing tanks, specialists ask about such issues as:

  • Pressure, design and working temperature of the tank
  • The target substance stored in the tank, its physical and chemical properties
  • Capacity
  • Tank location (indoor or outdoor)
  • Additional features and functions such as agitator, heating, cooling option, insulation
  • Degree of surface finish
  • Design standards
  • Preferred type of stainless steel
  • Delivery date and place

All information provided is verified by the design and production department. Calculations are made with TankDesign2.0, in-house calculation programme, and our engineers can suggest additional solutions to ensure that the tank can meet the customer’s expectations and at the time be safe and long-lasting.