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The care for children in need and needy in Kenya

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Because of her social involvement, Gpi has been associated with KidsCare Kenya for a long time. KidsCare Kenya is a philanthropic foundation which was founded in 2010. The purpose of KidsCare is to improve the homecare for children in need and needy in Kenya. KidsCare works practically, is enthousiastic, involved and decisive. Every Euro received is spend in Kenya. The resultats speak for itself. An approach that appeals to Gpi and its employees.

KidsCare Kenia

  • Established in 2010
  • CBF recognized charity
  • Over 2000 children are treated in the right place thanks to the use of KidsCare
  • KidsCare Kenya employes 10 social workers

RegionCenter KidsCare Kenia

Among other things, Gpi has been able to contribute to the contstruction of the Regional Center, which was recently taken in use by KidsCare.

They started building the Center beginning 2013 and in October 2013 it was officially opened. Fons Geurts, founder of Gpi and his wife were present at the opening. They have spent two weeks working with KidsCare’s social workers and actively contributing to the care for the KidsCare children.

‘An experience, which will stay with you forever ‘ says Fons Geurts

Program KidsCare Kenya

KidsCare Kenya has two different programs.

The first homecare program is focused on social and economical support of poor families where orphans are housed. In total, this program involves around 240 families in 24 rural villages in the region. These households are assisted by a social worker and village volunteers. In addition, they receive financial support so that around 1800 children can attend school, receive medical care and have adequate food and clothing.

The other homecare program guides about 125 children whith mental and/or physical constraints. Each of these children have their own care plan. These kids and their families receive, in addition to social and economic guidance, often therapy, a wheelchair or other tools from KidsCare.

Visit the KidsCare Kenya website for more information.

Other sponsorship activities

From intercontinental to regional… In addition to KidsCare, we sponsor projects in the area in the field of education, culture and social initiatives.

• Herfstloop Lopik
• Pluspop Cabauw
• Klassiek aan de Lek
• Schoonhovens college bedrijvenclub

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