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API 650 Tanks

API 650 Vertical Flat-bottomed Tanks

The API 650 is the American standard for welded flat-bottomed vertical storage tanks. The American Petroleum Institute dictates the standard for the tank design, manufacture, fabrication, welding, inspection and installation requirements. 

Depending on the desired design and design conditions, these cylindrical tanks are equipped with a conical roof or a doomed roof, with or without anchors and stiffening rings, such as wind girders and/or a top corner ring. 

Naturally, these tanks can be provided with a spiral staircase, a cage ladder or a stairway. In terms of material, a form of duplex is often chosen. 

Due to this material being stronger than normal austenitic stainless steel or carbon steel variants, thin walls can be employed, which ensures a more rapid, higher quality and affordable tank.

The API 650 tanks are versatile and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients, ensuring optimal performance and safety standards.

Why Choose Our API 650 Standard Storage Tanks?

The API 650 standard is widely used for tanks designed to withstand low internal pressures, which makes them a good choice for storing liquid products such as crude oil, gasoline, chemicals and water. Other than oil storage and refineries, these steel tanks are also commonly used in pipelines and terminals.

Gpi has extensive experience when it comes to API 650 tanks, varying from tanks built in the factory up to +/- 500m3, to tanks built on-location up to +/-15,000 m3.

We make sure our storage tanks strictly adhere to the API 650 standards, guaranteeing high-quality tanks that meet all industry requirements. With the use of advanced technology in our manufacturing processes, Gpi offers tanks that are not only reliable but also customised to meet your specific needs.

7300m3 demineralized water tank
Do you have any questions about API 650 tanks?

Gpi produces API 650 tanks, both in its various factories on the river bank, next to roads and directly on-location by means of our Coil Building system. You can read more about this system here, or watch our Coil Building film.

We also produce tanks according to EN 14015, the European equivalent of API 650. You can read more about this subject here.


  • The American standard
  • Above-ground flat-bottomed tanks
  • Wind / Earthquake loads included
  • Test & Inspections included
  • Up to 15,000m3


  • Conical/ Domed / Removable roof
  • Double bottom / Cone up/down
  • Top corner ring/ Wind girders