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Developments in crystalliser technology

Ever stricter quality standards in the food and pharmaceutical industries continuously ensure new developments in crystalliser technology. As a leading manufacturer of process tanks and related equipment, we offer innovative solutions that satisfy these strict requirements. Simultaneously, we make the production process efficient and manageable.

When it comes to crystallisers, Gpi can count large dairy companies such as Friesland Campina as regular clients. This has everything to do with Gpi’s flexibility, the scale the company is able to work on, and the level of workmanship that it can deliver. Crystallisers are primarily used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. There are no other business sectors in which safety, hygiene and constant quality need to fulfil as strict requirements as they do in these two industries.

Developments in crystalliser technology
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Lamellae crystalliser

  • Optimal crystal growth in clarified butter
  • Slowly-rotating agitators developed in-house
  • Dimple plate lamellae in product

Hygienic crystalliser

  • Dimple jacket on tank wall
  • Hygienically cleanable


  • Baffles
  • Diverse types of agitators
  • Eccentric agitator
  • Various CIPs