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Multi-chamber tanks

The perfect solution for plants with limited space

Multi-chamber tanks from Gpi

Qualified space for storing goods or substances necessary for specific processes is hard to come by for modern day industries, but if you’re in need of storage tanks with limited space available, the right type of tank might just do.

One of the most frequently recommended solutions in such situations are multi-chamber tanks, also known as multi-compartment tanks. Those solutions are characterized by a maximally optimized structure in terms of the compactness of the obtained sizes. This is perfect if you’re looking to save on space as well as maximizing your storage potential by allowing more than just one type of product per tank without cross-contamination.

High quality customized tanks

Gpi Tanks offers not just a standard range of multi-chamber tanks. From our experience, storage tanks need individual customization. Our engineers are carefully taking your requirements into account to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for! In order to meet the individual expectations of all our customers as much as possible, we precisely adjust the dimensions, materials used or methods of finishing multi-chamber tanks to your defined requirements. Therefore, you can just send us your request regardless of the complexity of the plant’s needs.

Do you want more information about our multi-chamber tanks?

Multi-chamber tank

As part of our standard range, we offer our customers customized multi-chamber tanks in many sizes. In the context of specifications and requirements, we can offer a tank for two or more products with a vertical structure.

Our multi-chamber tanks can be used both in a CIP installation and in a plant handling other media, such as cream, chocolate, milk or starch syrup, as well as many other free-flowing, semi-liquid and liquid products. These solutions are characterized by a maximally optimized design in terms of compactness of the final size, and at the same time they enable storage of two or more different types of products within separate units.

Vertical dual tank

As for the vertical type of dual tank, the individual chambers they contain are on top of each other. This, in turn, makes the tank, above all, tall with a large capacity, saving space. For this reason, a vertical multi-chamber tank is recommended primarily to plant owners who want to obtain a large storage space installed outside – each compartment of a multi-chamber tank is able to contain a substance with a volume of up to several thousand liters.