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Pressure vessel

Stainless steel pressure vessel from 0,5 bar

Lloyds audited Gpi, and accredited the company to independently design and manufacture stainless steel pressure vessels over 0.5 bar (H + H1 certified). We believe it is vital for our clients to trust us. This means you as a client can trust that you are going into business with a reputable company. If the project concerns a PED installation, the project engineer will closely collaborate with the client and our own QA/QC employee in order to carry out a risk analysis and calculations. Subsequently, a test & inspection plan will be established. As a result, we are able to deliver a responsible and substantiated CE declaration for the PE pressure vessels ourselves, giving the process a short lead time.

Manufacturing pressure vessels

When manufacturing tanks, pressure vessels or reactors for the chemical industry, there are often special requirements. The tanks must, for example, be able to withstand: high pressures (or even a vacuum), large temperature differences and highly corrosive or abrasive contents. Explosion risks may also play a role. As the specialist in the design and production of tanks and reactors, we are able to fulfil even the strictest of requirements and standards. This allows us to build PED-certified stainless steel pressure vessels entirely ourselves.

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Custom-made stainless steel pressure vessels

It is possible to deliver pressure vessels in a wide range of shapes and designs. Gpi is familiar with and experienced in all relevant design codes and a wide range of materials. See certificates for more information or feel free to call us for more details.


  • Pressure Vessel from 0,5 bar
  • Complies with PED
  • Calculations acc. to EN13445 or AD2000
  • Inspection opening mandatory: Hand-, peep-, manhole
  • If needed: Design assessment and FAT with NoBo