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Customer story

Dürr Systems: 'We look forward to future projects with Gpi'

Gpi supplies 16 stainless steel tanks for a major German automotive company

Gpi Poland delivered stainless steel tanks for chemicals to Dürr Systems, a company specializing in mechanical and installation engineering. The request consisted of 16 tanks with different specifications and purposes. The end customer is a well-known German manufacturer of automobiles.

The project included 16 tanks for various chemicals with capacities ranging from 15 m3 to 149 m3. Each tank was fabricated from stainless steel type 304(L). The original specifications were supplemented with changes proposed by Gpi engineers for an improved design.

'Gpi provided the right information and professional service'

About the collaboration

Norman Kugler of Dürr Systems shares his experiences with Gpi: ‘The collaboration was professional and productive. Gpi always provided the right information we needed. I am positively surprised by the professional service. I look forward to future projects with Gpi.’

About the client

Dürr Systems AG is part of the Dürr Group, a leading company operating globally in the field of mechanical and industrial engineering. The company is known for its exceptional performance in automation and digitalization.