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AMB: "The cooperation with Gpi was professional"

Stainless steel horizontal pressure tanks for resin storage

Gpi received an order for 5 pressure tanks for a German customer. The project consisted of stainless steel horizontal tanks with capacities of 26 m3 and 10 m3. The tanks will store resin, an intermediate product in the chemical industry.

How are different types of resin utilized?

There are various types of resins available on the market, including epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, and polymethacrylic. Resin exhibits high resistance to moisture, acids, and alkalis. In the rubber industry, it serves as a softener while simultaneously enhancing the product’s strength. In the production of paints and coatings, resin contributes to the creation of glossy, fast-drying finishes, providing durability and resistance to water and chemicals. Resin finds applications in insulation, metal adhesives, glass, ceramics, and electrical components.

Teve Frauen, Kierownik Projektów AMB

"The collaboration with Gpi lived up to our expectations. Gpi guided us professionally from the start through the whole process of contructing. We appreciate the collaboration and would approach Gpi again in the future for similar projects."

Teve Frauen, Project Manager at AMB

Depending on the intended use of the resin and its specific physical and chemical properties, it is necessary to select suitable parameters for storing the substance, including pressure and temperature.

Specifications of resin pressure tanks

The resin storage tanks have been delivered to a client in Germany and will be integrated into a new production line.







26 m3

10 m3

Heating / cooling function

3 jackets dimple

1 jacket dimple

Design pressure

-40/+150 mbar

-39/+154 mbar

Design temperature

-30/160 °C

-30/160 °C


3 300 kg

1 700 kg


7 m

3 m


3 m

3 m


2 m

2 m

Rysunki konstrukcyjne Gpi

"We benefited from Gpi's expertise and experience with similar tanks. Our customer's requirements were fully integrated and also supported with new ideas."

Teve Frauen, Project Manager at AMB

The pressure vessels (in accordance with the EN 13445 standard) were insulated with 100 mm of mineral wool as they are intended to be located outdoors. The tanks are made using 304L and 304 type stainless steel. Similar to most constructions of this kind, the horizontal tanks are positioned on saddles.

About the client

The order was placed by AMB for a client in Germany. The tanks are part of an investment set to commence in April 2024.

Tomasz Stocki, Project Manager at Gpi Tanks, describes the collaboration with AMB: “The implementation proceeded efficiently. AMB delivered our tanks along with their pipeline products to the end customer. AMB’s project manager maintained continuous communication with both the end customer and Gpi. The positive evaluation from the customer means a lot to us. This is what we strive for.”

AMB Anlagen- & Metallbau GmbH has been a family-owned business for over 30 years, located in the northern part of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. AMB specializes in delivering products such as stairs, pipelines, and metal structures.