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Storage Tanks: Functions, Types and Practical Applications

Chemicals can be dangerous to the environment, so they must be stored in special conditions. An example of a design that can be adapted even to very dangerous liquids are stainless steel storage tanks. What are the exact functions of their various types and where do they find practical use? What standards should they correspond to in order to meet security criteria? In the article you will find answers to these questions.

The main functions of storage tanks

Such constructions are used in many industries. Their main function is to store a variety of materials, from chemicals to foodstuffs and water. These are just some of the many applications for this type of facility. The primary issue emphasized by the manufacturers is the safety of the storage tanks in terms of their use.hese are just some of the many applications for this type of building. The primary issue that manufacturers emphasize is the safety of storage tanks in terms of their use. Advanced technologies and high-end materials, such as stainless steel or carefully selected composites, reduce the risks associated with storing even potentially dangerous substances to almost zero levels.

Different types of construction are designed to perform specific functions. For example, pressure vessels are commonly used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, where it is necessary to store substances under high pressure. Atmospheric variants, on the other hand, are used in agriculture to store fertilizer or water.

Practical use of storage tanks

As we have already highlighted, the practical applications of storage tanks and the functions they can fulfill are extremely varied. Such structures are important equipment for entities specialized in food production, the chemical industry, and sometimes households. Choosing the right type of it is also extremely important in terms of the efficiency of the activities or processes carried out and, of course, safety. Therefore, it is worth considering carefully what exactly this kind of construction is to be used for before deciding to do so.

Safety of storage tanks

The materials used in the construction of storage tanks, among others, stainless steel, are crucial to their safe operation. Thanks to them, they present resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage. Added to this are advanced technologies such as pressure and temperature monitoring systems, which function is to raise standards of protection against unexpected events.

The use of thicker walls and membranes of the appropriate type virtually minimizes the probability of leaks. Also, ventilation and degassing mechanisms increase the level of safety, as they allow control over the pressure accumulated in the storage tank.

High-quality tanks from a certified manufacturer

The various types of storage tanks manufactured by our company find practical applications in many sectors of the economy. Their functions are closely related to the types of materials they are made of, and safety is one of the most important aspects we focus on as the producer.