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Customer story

Schwarzwaldmilch dairy factory: 'Gpi is a professional partner with a customer-centric approach'

Gpi supplies 6 stainless steel yoghurt tanks to German dairy factory

Schwarzwaldmilch is a leading dairy factory that produces dairy products with milk from the Black Forest region in southwestern Germany. The company submitted a request for 6 new stainless steel yoghurt tanks. Stefan Voigt, Manager of Central Project Planning at Schwarzwaldmilch, shares his experiences with Gpi.

Gpi was approached for the production and delivery of 6 stainless steel tanks for yoghurt production. Each tank has a height of 3.5 meters, a diameter of 2.2 meters, and a capacity of 6 m3. These tanks are specially designed for processing dairy products and are made from stainless steel type 304/304L. Stefan commented on the engineering phase, saying: ‘I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and level of detail in the engineering. The tank drawings were very clear and helped us quickly complete this technical phase.’

'Requests and changes were handled quickly and efficiently, resulting in a very good outcome'

The result and collaboration

With the arrival of the six new stainless steel tanks, the company has gained additional capacity for yoghurt production. Stefan looks back on a successful project and a pleasant collaboration, stating, ‘The collaboration was very productive, especially in the sales and engineering phases. Requests and changes were handled quickly and efficiently, resulting in a very good outcome. Gpi is a professional partner with a customer-centric approach.’

About the customer

Schwarzwaldmilch is a German dairy factory located in the Black Forest region in Southwest Germany. The company is the only one that processes milk from local dairy farmers in the Black Forest in its own region. Schwarzwaldmilch has a rich history in dairy production and is known for producing high-quality dairy products and other food items.