4 chemical storage tanks for Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation

Although thousands of kilometers separate our companies, Japanese Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation entrusted the production of tanks to Gpi Poland. The tanks have just been delivered.

The chemical storage tanks were produced in Skarbimierz. Mitsubishi placed an order for 4 stainless steel tanks, which ensure safe storage of chemical substances.

Tanks for demanding product

The substance to be stored in the tanks is a colorless or yellowish liquid, miscible with water and most organic solvents. It has a wide range of applications in industry, for example as a cleaning detergent. Importantly, it is chemically and thermally stable.

Due to the properties of the product, it is important that storage tanks are sealed or in a dry nitrogen atmosphere.


Specification of chemical storage tanks

Due to the chemical properties of the substance to be stored, 304L and 304 stainless steel were used to manufacture the tanks.

The tanks are located outdoors, hence the equipment in the form of manholes, ladders, and railings. The top of the tank was reinforced so that it can be walked on.

The 3 larger storage tanks can hold 100m3 of fluid and are over 10 meters high, with a diameter of almost 4 meters. The smaller, with 30m3 capacity, measures 6.75 meters in height and 3 meters in diameter.

The tanks were designed to work with temperature -29 / 60 ᵒC and with designed pressure -0.00 / +0.05 bar. The calculation was based on the EN 14015 standard.

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