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First stainless steel tanks leave new Gpi plant in Poland

The transport of two stainless steel tanks in the Wrocław region of Poland has caused quite a stir. It was not only their size that caught the imagination, but careful planning of the route and the loading, transportation and installation of the tanks too. The fact that this was also the first ever delivery of tanks manufactured at the new production plant in Skarbimierz provided additional excitement.

Skarbimierz plant provides additional capacity

So far, steel tanks have been produced at the Brzeg facility. However, expansion of the business has necessitated the construction of a new production plant to cater for the manufacture of large-scale industrial tanks.

The construction of two tanks for the storage of glucose syrup for an international business is the first such project to have been effectuated in Skarbimierz.

Drawing stainless steel tank

The tanks were delivered to the customer’s factory in Bielany Wrocławskie in a single day. Each of them is approx. 16 metres in height with a  capacity of 320 m3.

One of the tanks is for mixed use and the other for storage (incl. heating).

Gpi engineers used 1.4404 / 316 L stainless steel to meet the required quality standards.

Specialists at Gpi also had to take into account the specific properties of the syrup, i.e. its high density and viscosity. The tanks were therefore insulated to maintain a constant temperature: it is especially important to prevent crystallization of the syrup and to ensure the fluidity of the liquid.

Łukasz Liszczyk, Sales Engineer for Gpi Tanks sums up the project:


Tanks that capture the imagination

Information about such large tanks aroused interest of the inhabitants of the cities located on the route, who were waiting impatiently for overnight transport.

The tanks were placed on two platforms, each 33 meters long, 5.75 meters high and 6 meters wide. The route was secured, among others by switching off the voltage in the electric wires during the trip and lasted almost all night.

Stainless steel tanks for an international concern

The tanks were built for a producer and supplier of agricultural food which has been operating in the Polish market for the last 20 years.

The plant in Bielany Wrocławskie, to which the tanks were delivered, produces glucose and glucose-fructose syrup, used in the production of confectionery and brewing.

The Polish site is part of a larger American concern which also operates in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Ukraine.