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Fred Boere end Arno Rodenburg continue as co-CEO’s of the Gpi Group

Fred Boere and Arno Rodenburg will lead the Gpi Group as co-CEOs. The co-CEO position enables them to lead a fast growing team with multiple offices in an efficient and pragmatic way.

Fred Boere: ‘For twenty years, we have been working together on this great company, each of us with our own knowledge and strengths. We have been able to realize a lot of beautiful and different projects as partners of many of the largest companies in the world.’

Due to growth within the company, the corporate structure was renewed in 2020. The different companies, each with their own specialty, became separate under the Gpi Group with each a managing director for the day-to-day management. General management, innovation and support is managed by the Gpi Group.

The decision for this dual leadership structure is rooted in the long cooperation between Fred (CEO) and Arno (former COO), a great mutual trust and the complementary skills and personalities. ‘The co-CEO position enables us to bring this combined experience and mindset to the various teams within the group on a daily basis. We are very pleased to continue building on this vision and future of Gpi,’ says Arno Rodenburg. Within the direction, Fred Boere will continue to focus on finance and IT and Arno Rodenburg will continue to lead the operations.

About Fred & Arno

Fred Boere started 25 years ago as assistant foreman at Gpi. He started as the sixth employee. His tasks comprised welding, building and supervising production work. In addition, Fred spent 1 to 2 half days in the office arranging projects and drawing designs. Over time, the situation changed entirely: he moved on from hands-on foreman to manager and then to Technical Director and ultimately, General Managing Director. Since 2009 Fred has been CEO, co-owner and shareholder within Gpi.

Arno Rodenburg is co-owner and shareholder at Gpi since 2012. He works for over 20 years at Gpi and grew from welder to foreman/workshop manager, production manager and operational technical director. In 2012 Arno Rodenburg became co-owner and shareholder as COO.

About Gpi Group

Gpi Group is a leading tank construction company specialized in the selling, engineering, production and installation of stainless steel process tanks and equipment and storage tanks up to 15,000 m3. The company presents itself in North-West Europe with smart solutions for better processes at prominent companies that operate globally. Gpi is active within various sectors, including storage, pharmaceuticals, oil, food, dairy and chemicals. With the various operating companies – Gpi Tanks, Gpi Tanks XL, Gpi De Gouwe Process Equipment, Gpi Pharma, Gpi Tanks Poland, Gpi Tanks GmbH, Gpi India, and their own pickling plant BMN – the company provides expertise within each field. With over 300 employees, the company operates with offices in the Netherlands, Poland, Germany and India and with multiple production sites in the Netherlands and Poland.