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Gpi delivers 35m3 horizontal stainless steel process tank to Quartzline

“Not only does Gpi construct tanks to customer specification, they also provide advice and a listening ear throughout the whole process”

Quartzline, a manufacturer of high-quality wall and floor systems, is extremely satisfied with the recent delivery of a horizontal castor oil process tank. Its previous stainless steel tank was in urgent need of replacing. Gpi was more than happy to meet Quartzline’s requirements and carry out the task.

Six of the nine tanks in which raw materials for Quartzline’s products are stored have been constructed by Gpi. “In the past, our experience with Gpi was positive so we approached them this time too,” explains Fred van Zanten, Operational Manager at Quartzline. The old castor oil tank had a capacity of no more than 26 tons, insufficient for unloading a tanker truck in one go, meaning that the remaining oil had to be put into IBC tanks. Not only was this impractical, but time-consuming. A need developed for a larger stainless steel tank on the same spot. Gpi delivered an insulated horizontal stainless steel process tank with a capacity for 35m3.

Transparent and personal

Quartzline sets great store by transparent and face-to-face communication. Gpi was invited to visit the site and so their sales manager and project engineer went along to Dordrecht to take a look for themselves. “It’s good to meet and speak with each other in person, so the experience is direct. This facilitates communication and what you discuss becomes much clearer,” Fred explains. “Because we don’t have enough know-how about stainless steel tanks in house and their possibilities, it’s good to know you can count on an experienced tank constructor like Gpi,” Fred continues. During their visit other issues came to light, such as the removal of the old tank, installation of a new one, the pipework and the automation. “Gpi had a listening ear throughout the whole process. We were involved at every stage and we were put at our ease completely.”

The whole operation only took one week. The old tank was removed and construction of the new stainless steel process tank completed in situ. Installation of the new horizontal tank required precision work, not least because room for manoeuvre in the factory was tight. The tank was moved into place with the aid of pallet jacks which was followed by installation. “At Quartzline we have a complex system of mixing tanks and insulated process tanks. The new process tank helps us work more smoothly, efficiently and safely,” Fred explains. The aftersales team too, was full of praise. “We later received full documentation in both hard copy, as well as in digital format. What’s more, we know we can always count on the support and assistance of Gpi for any queries we have,” says Fred.


More and more customers know where to find the company. For example, not only is it possible to collect Quartzline products ordered direct from the company, but also to follow workshops on how the various products can be used to achieve maximum results. Quartzline has made known its growth plans and further expansion has not been ruled out in the future. “We continue to innovate and improve. Not only in terms of our products, but as a company we aim to guarantee quality, user convenience and innovation.”

About the customer

Since its inception in 1976, Quartzline has remained a family concern. Its primary target groups are renovation and flooring companies. The various wall and floor systems manufactured by Quartzline are ideally suitable for use in the health-care sector, public buildings, offices, education and industry, as well as for housing. The company’s product range is highly diversified and comes in a multitude of colours.

In addition to products, Quartzline can also provide the tools necessary for installing a floor or wall made from polyurethane, decorative gravel, epoxy, mortar, cement/gypsum bonded, polyaspartic or microcement.