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Two 700 m3 duplex stainless steel storage tanks for Bakelite Synthetics

Bakelite Synthetics is a manufacturer of innovative synthetic materials, including the production of formaldehyde. Amongst other things, this substance is used in the production of synthetic resins. Due to an expansion in production capacity, a need for additional storage capacity was required. To this end, Bakelite Synthetics contacted Gpi for the construction of two new duplex stainless steel storage tanks.

Ed Hertogh, Global MI and Formaldehyde Optimization Leader at Bakelite Synthetics, provides support to a number of the company’s production sites, in particular those producing and storing formaldehyde. Ed was involved as project and construction manager on the tank project and describes the initial phase: “We made a list of potential suppliers to find out who could provide the tanks. We visited various companies and spoke to a diverse number of people. It was Gpi’s production facilities that impressed me and my colleagues the most. The responsive and efficient way they dealt with our questions showed Gpi up in a positive light. For us, the fact that they were able to deliver so quickly was the decisive factor.”

“The teamwork was excellent. At the end of the day, it’s all about the people, and in that respect Gpi excels”

"The teamwork was excellent. At the end of the day, it's all about the people, and in that respect Gpi excels”

The assignment

Bakelite Synthetics ordered the delivery of two 700 m3 tanks for the storage of formaldehyde. About the tanks in question, Ed has this to say: “Our experience with all the tanks on our premises is good. For this reason, the existing tanks provided a blueprint for the new ones. As a standard, our tanks are fitted with augers, heating facilities and are fully insulated. Another decision we took was to use Duplex 2205 instead of the usual type of 304L stainless steel. From experience, we know that Duplex stainless steel works better for our applications.”

“The tanks were designed and constructed in line with the NEN-EN 14015 standard and with this in mind, Gpi worked closely with our own engineers. Furthermore, we also had to take into account the relevant compliance requirements of the PGS 29 safety guidelines for hazardous substances,” explains Ed.

“The Gpi project manager was involved, as well as the other staff”

Production, transport and installation

The tanks were constructed at Gpi’s production site in Groot-Ammers and transported by water to Botlek in the port of Rotterdam. Transportation went exceptionally smoothly, explains Ed: “We made a conscious decision not to organise transportation ourselves. We put Gpi fully in charge of this and they arranged appropriate means of transport. The successful execution of this task was partly down to Gpi’s contribution and collaboration with neighbouring companies. Transport and installation went smoothly and according to plan.”

Once the tanks had been put into position, some of the insulation work was done on location. Ed explains: “Gpi was happy to let Bakelite Synthetics take on responsibility for the direction and planning of the remaining insulation work. A number of contractors were involved and we were satisfied about arranging the ins-and-outs of this work: our planning was flexible and we were able to adapt if and when the need arose. After-sales service was excellent, for example, a few modifications were required to the walkways. Gpi dealt with such matters in a timely and adequate manner. The involvement of the Gpi project manager was well received, as was the case for other personnel.”

Results and collaboration

The arrival of the new tanks means an expansion in storage capacity. Ed relates his experiences with Gpi during the project: “As a partner, Gpi was flexible and committed and went out of its way to meet what was agreed with the customer. The planning was a challenge, but in the end, all deadlines were satisfactorily met. Completion of the project was a joint effort and the teamwork was excellent. At the end of the day, it’s all about the people, and in that respect Gpi excels in every way.”

About Bakelite Synthetics

Bakelite Synthetics is a leading producer of synthetic thermosetting solutions, including resins. The products, which harden when heated, are suitable for the adhesion and setting of materials in challenging situations. The company is active on a global scale and serves a variety of industrial sectors, from housebuilding and the production of electric cars to the aviation and space travel industries.