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New state-of-the-art beer tanks for PINTA’s new brewery

An order with great diversity

Browar PINTA recently purchased 10 cylindrical conical beer tanks (CCT) from Gpi with a capacity of 100 hl (5 tanks), 200 hl (4 tanks) and 50 hl (1 tank) respectively. The order also included 2 bright beer tanks (BBT), each with a capacity of 195 hl. The tanks come with independent double-walled sections and additional valves for dry hopping, allowing PINTA to produce a wide variety of beers, from lagers to heavily hopped double IPA.

According to Michał Cebula, Quality Manager at Browar PINTA, “Gpi’s technicians were involved at all stages of the process and made every effort to meet all our wishes. Effective consultation, exchange of knowledge and experience and a thorough analysis of the production process provided the basis for this, and we now have tanks which enable our brewers to put their exciting new ideas into practice.”

Michał Cebula, Quality Manager at Browar PINTA

Own brewery

Up until now, PINTA has been producing its beers from rented premises, but last year it started building its own brewery, which will become operational later this year and result in more production capacity, more efficient use of energy and fewer production losses.

A public tender was issued for the supply of 12 beer tanks for the production of new-wave, traditional and experimental beers. To PINTA’s surprise, there was actually a supplier in Poland who could fulfill all the requirements. Gpi won the contract as a credible and reliable supplier.

Beer brewery PINTA

Beer brewery PINTA – or, in Polish, Browar PINTA – started out life 8 years ago. It was time, they believed, for something other than Western European lager beers which had dominated the Polish market. PINTA debuted with ‘Atak Chmielu’ (‘Attack of the Hops’), the first commercial American IPA in Poland. It was a resounding success and since then PINTA has produced 100 beers, either on its own or in collaboration with other breweries in Poland and beyond.

Gpi Beer tanks in all shapes and sizes and for all applications

Gpi produces tanks for the brewing industry, ranging from small-capacity 250-litre tanks for use in the catering trade to heavy-duty 5,000-hectolitre CCTs for large breweries. We build tanks measuring up to 10 metres in diameter in our factory. Are you unable to accept delivery of tanks this size? If so, we are also able to manufacture storage tanks, such as CCTs of any size, on site.