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Nine 250 m3 stainless steel tanks for innocent’s sustainable new drinks factory

innocent, the largest smoothie and juice manufacturer in Europe, is currently building a brand new carbon-neutral production plant in Rotterdam: the blender. Construction of the new factory has necessitated the supply of stainless steel tanks for bulk storage of fluids, such as orange juice, apple juice and water.

Gpi was approached with the request to supply nine storage tanks, each with a 250m3 capacity. Sam Woollet, Engineering & Facilities Lead at innocent, tells us something about this early phase: ‘A member of the project team at innocent had previously worked with Gpi and recommended them to us. That’s how we found Gpi. From the early stages of negotiation, collaboration was good.’

The request

innocent called in GEA, provider of process technology and solutions as technological partner for the design and construction of the new juice manufacturing plant. Five tanks are to be used for the storage of bulk juice, including orange and apple juice. Two tanks are to be deployed for the storage of cold water and two for warm water, which will be heated using the factory’s sustainable heat pumping system.

About the products

All tanks are made from 316(L) stainless steel and provided with insulation. The tanks for juice storage are also fitted with augers which means that the juices in constant flow and at the right temperature for mixing and bottling. The nine tanks are over 23 metres in height, have a diameter of over 4 metres and come with a gantry and cage ladder. The tanks are provided with skirts with an alcove, meaning the tanks are interconnected and an enclosed gangway is created.

The tanks were manufactured at the Gpi plant in Lopik and then transported by road to their new location close to the port of Rotterdam. Transport and installation were arranged by Gpi. The GEA team were responsible for connecting up the tanks with the rest of the plant.

Collaboration and results

Sam Woollet: ‘The technical know-how at Gpi and their willingness to support us in our quest for the construction of our new carbon-neutral factory were excellent.’

With the construction of the new production facility, including the nine new stainless steel tanks, innocent is anticipating carbon-neural production of 400 million bottles of chilled juice annually.

About innocent

innocent started in London in 1999 with the production of tasty, natural drinks which were not only healthy, but contributed towards a sustainable planet. The company is now selling smoothies, juice and coconut water and has since expanded to become the largest smoothie and juice brand in Europe with a simple principle, that is, when it comes to sustainability, to make a neutral or even a positive impact.