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200m3 storagetank – La Réunion

Gpi has supplied a 200m3 tank for a customer in the biomass industry.

The flat bottom tank is a storage silo for urea (UREA 40% storage tank) for our customer in the biomass industry.

The project includes a tank with a capacity of 200m³ and a dimension of 16.3 meters in length and 4.3 meters in diameter. The total weight of the tank is 15.5 tons. This tank was manufactured at our production site in Lopik and transported via road and water to the end customer on the island of La Réunion (a small French island between Madagascar and Mauritius).

200m3 storagetank

The tank is placed in the coastal area of ​​the city of Saint André. The outer casing is made entirely of stainless steel 316Ti, resistant to the salty sea air. La Réunion is a French municipality. The end customer is French and that is why all documentation and drawings are written in French. During the design of the tank, account was taken of wind load and seismology, according to the applicable Eurocode standards for La Réunion.

The tank is double-walled. Hull part for hull part is the tank double-walled, build from bottom to top. The welds were checked and tested inmediate, since it is no longer possible to come in between the wall to check the welds. For safety, a sensor for leak detection is placed at the bottom of the double wall and the double bottom.

200m3 storagetank (2)

The transport of such a tank, with these dimensions, is a considerable operation within the Netherlands, let alone to La Réunion. For this we have called in an external party to take care of this for us.

World map - route

Using a mold from the tank, the holes for the anchors were marked and pre-drilled into the concrete slab, at La Réunion. With 12 anchors the tank is finally secured on this concrete slab.